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About Us

Key Grocery & Quilts originally opened as a grocery / feed and seed store, occupying three buildings, in 1943. It was started by my husband's grandfather, who worked for the WPA to build Lake Murray in southern Oklahoma. 

In the 60's, the store was divided between my husband's father and uncle. One can still see where the door linking the grocery store and feed store (which went to his uncle) used to be, and the building still brings to mind many memories of  good times spent visiting with local folk within the store's walls. In fact, quite a few of our customers remember shopping at Key Grocery with their parents and grandparents. These days, chairs are set up to welcome our friends for a friendly chat or an entertaining fish story!

Our store, located in Ardmore's Historical District, recently received a new paint job as part of the Ardmore Beautification Council project, for which it was awarded 1st place in the "Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Campaign" for 2012. Recently, we've installed a new tile floor and now we're re-doing the many years old front counters. Many a grocery sack was filled to the brim on those counters! .

Because our sons aren't interested in operating a small, neighborhood grocery-only store, we are evolving to include products that reflect our  passions, including organic vegetable gardening...and quilting!  We still carry only a small selection of groceries--mostly soda pops and other drinks, candy type snacks and chips,, local honey and Pashofa, which is a Native American dish. But we can TEACH you to grow your own groceries! Keep reading!

Stan (my husband) learned organic gardening from his granddad and his part of the store is filled with close to 100 jars of fresh bulk garden seed. There are also lots of organic soil amendments & bug remedies, as well as top-of-the-line imported gardening tools that have life-time guarantees. We carry only the finest tools...the ones we know make gardening much less work and more fun! With over 20 years of organic gardening experience, Stan has wealth of knowledge to share with our customers.

As for me, I operate the Gammill quilting machine (my longarm quilting is 99% freehand) and order the  fabrics, patterns, notions, quilt kits, etc. I learned quilting from my aunt in the 1980's & have loved quilting ever since. I'm a Certified Square-in-a-Square teacher & love sharing my knowledge and passion for quilting with's such great therapy.  I'm so excited about the new "modern' quilting movement and hope to influence the young quilters in this area to take up my beloved craft!
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  • Phone: 580-223-8821
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  • 116 E. Broadway St.
  • Ardmore, OK 73401